Support and advice in O&M

FersiSolar supports the operation and maintenance of CSP plants, collecting and analyzing thermodynamic, optical and mechanical performance data in any operating condition.

We work together with the client to improve the performance of the plant and extend its useful life, recommending actions that improve energy production and efficiency.

Support and advisory services focus on:

• Optimize plant operation and identify performance improvements through plant data analysis.

• Propose facility improvements, including feasibility study, design, and assistance during implementation.

Engineering and technical consultancy

FersiSolar offers engineering and technical consulting services for developers, EPC contractors and owners of solar power generation facilities with CSP (parabolic trough, tower and linear Fresnel) and photovoltaic technology. Services include:

• Basic and detailed engineering of the solar field for CSP and PV plants.

• Integration of thermal energy storage systems to the solar field (CSP or PV) for industrial applications.

• Technical Due Diligence.

• Property engineering.

• Failure analysis.

• Specialized training for solar fields.

• Development of advanced steam generation systems with thermal storage focused on the Industry.

Steam as a Service

The main objective of an industrial plant is to produce. We work together with our clients to mitigate the risks associated with production, investing human and economic capital, and setting objectives to improve the efficiency and profitability of the plant.

Under this concept, it is intended to provide a service based on the sale of kWh in the form of process steam to consumers.

Customers are offered global solutions, customized and adapted to their needs, facilitating access to the most advantageous technological solutions to meet their energy demands in the most efficient and sustainable way.

In this case, the client outsources the sustainable thermal energy production assets through a company through a HPA contract (Heat Purchase Agreement), which translates into a product with added value for clients.

FersiSolar guarantees competitiveness in the energy field, as well as support in the sustainable energy transition process.

We accompany the client as an energy partner from the phase of development, design, financing, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of energy solutions until the end of their useful life.

Benefits for the client:

• The outsourcing of energy services allows them to transfer economic and financial risks from the design, installation, start-up and operation of energy assets, allowing them to focus on the production processes linked to their Core Business.

• From an economic-financial point of view, the client improves energy costs compared to the purchase of natural gas, eliminates O&M costs during the agreement, as well as suppresses the initial investment for the project.

• From a technical-operational point of view, the client transfers the technological risk to FersiSolar, optimizing and improving the performance of the equipment. In addition, it will have a guaranteed availability of the steam supply contract and will be accompanied during the growth of energy demand.

From an energy point of view, the client will have:

• Complete advice optimizing energy consumption.

• Global efficiency of the installation guaranteed by contract.

• The availability of obtaining the green certificate for decarbonization of the industrial complex.